SharePoint vs Ondexx

When SharePoint and Ondexx go head to head, who wins? If your organization selects Ondexx, you do!

The difference between SharePoint and Ondexx starts in their very DNA in the way they were developed, how they’re used and maintained. Ondexx is a ready-to-use solution that has 300+ features ‘out of the box’, and in contrast SharePoint is an IT tool that requires design, development, support, management and maintenance.

To Find Out More, Download the Full Report on How Ondexx Compares to SharePoint

In 2005, Manulife partnered with Red Wolf to launch Ondexx internally as their ‘Information Management Solution’, primarily due to the shortcomings of SharePoint. This multi-faceted comparison between SharePoint and Ondexx begins with the launch of SharePoint in 2001, and takes the reader through a comparative review ending in Q4 2019.

Report: SharePoint vs Ondexx

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