Risky Business

How much risk is your knowledge management strategy placing on your business?

Currently, most Life Insurance companies do not employ a comprehensive strategy concerning their information and documentation – which is scattered about the enterprise on antiquated systems, shared drives, and even individual’s desktops. Additionally, at every organization there are staff members who have important institutional knowledge that exists between their ears – and when they leave the organization, so does that critical knowledge. 

In an industry predicated on  managing and mitigating risk, it is amazing as to how little time, attention, and resources are applied to the risk factors concerning  your company’s most important and critical content.

“We had a senior executive who was the key person to our investment strategy. When he retired, his laptop stayed; however his knowledge left the company when he did.”

– Senior IT Executive at a Global Direct Life Insurance Company

What if you had a solution that seamlessly integrates all of your company’s content?

Integrated in a way that is easy to find and easy to use where the professionals accessing that information knew with absolute certainty that it’s the most up to date and accurate information for them to make important business decisions? 

Furthermore, what if all that information was highly searchable and shareable – so that it wasn’t just one person walking around with such key information to the organization?

In a business where knowledge is power, it’s not just a matter of making your business more proficient and profitable, but reducing your company’s overall risk by securing that knowledge.   

GRC software, document management tools and even platforms like SharePoint and Lotus Notes are not effective in managing, maintaining and communicating critical information to your front line staff members who need to readily and easily access that information to make daily business decisions.

Ondexx is a purpose-built knowledge management solution.

Ondexx has been developed by working closely with our clients over the last two decades to keep one step ahead of the competition. Our experienced team uses cutting edge technology to identify, plan, and integrate new features into Ondexx to help ensure that it remains best-in-class.


Find out how your company stacks up with respect to risks and exposure around corporate information and knowledge, take a look at our Knowledge Management Risk Assessment – it will only take you a few minutes to go through.

Take our risk assessment by clicking the link below.



“The best thing about the staff at Ondexx is their level of understanding of the industry, the market and the people. It allows them to better help and work through our needs and any issues that we may be having.”

VP Marketing & Strategic Client Solutions

Leading Global Life Reinsurance Company

“The Ondexx support team is very service- oriented, responsive, supportive; and willing to invest time, energy, and effort to form strong relationships with their clients.”

EVP & Chief Information Officer

Global Life Insurance Provider

“I have never been disappointed. The Ondexx team doesn’t try to sell you something that you don’t need. We have a strong relationship and I can rely on them to keep us informed about the industry and ensure we are continually focused on what’s good for us.”

Vice President

Life Insurance Data Provider

“Red Wolf is an ethical, flexible, stable and strong organization that provides a terrific, hassle-free platform that makes our life easier and reduces our need for internal resources.”

Chief Underwriter

Leading Global Reinsurance Company

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