SharePoint vs Ondexx: Who Wins?

When SharePoint and Ondexx go head to head, who wins?

If your organization selects Ondexx, you do!

The difference between SharePoint and Ondexx starts in their very DNA in the way they were developed, how they’re used and maintained.

Ondexx is a ready-to-use solution that has 300+ features ‘out of the box’, and in contrast SharePoint is an IT tool that requires design, development, support, management and maintenance.

  • SharePoint does very little ‘out of the box’.
  • Similar to Windows Explorer – built to manage files, folders, and documents.
  • Typically cumbersome or slow for new users to get onboarded.
  • Lack of training and intuitive interface makes it very slow for users to become productive.
  • An organization is dependent on the IT departments’ backlog to develop and maintain the system. The IT backlog can also make user support a real business issue.
  • Ondexx was engineered as a Knowledge Management Solution, now with 300+ features ‘out of the box’.
  • ‘Modern Search’ interface is intuitive and as easy to use as a standard web browser.
  • Search adds the power to view 77 file types without launching software or needing a license.
  • Onboarding is days, not weeks or months.
  • Users are instantly productive – Ondexx behaves exactly like a standard web browser.
  • Ondexx transparently includes all support and services in pricing – enabling their IT staff to focus on other priorities.

3 Reasons Ondexx is a better solution for you:

Reason #1 – Total Cost of Ownership

The upfront cost of SharePoint does not account for the total cost of ownership. All Ondexx licensing and services are bundled into an upfront agreement that expresses 100% of the Total Cost of Ownership.

View our total cost of ownership infographic

Reason #2 – Fast Onboarding and Deployment

  • It can be deployed in days not weeks or months
  • Doesn’t need IT support to launch
  • All training is provided, and the user interface is intuitive and works like a standard web browser

Reason #3 – Day to Day Usability

Ondexx outperforms SharePoint in all of the daily uses that count:

  • Administration/Management
  • File Management
  • Document Access
  • Search
  • Enterprise Workflows
  • Infrastructure & Security
  • New Functionality

What’s The Buzz?

In reviewing feedback on both systems, Ondexx gets its highest marks on the elements where SharePoint is at its weakest.

“SharePoint is intimidating to begin with. There are many settings and no clear entry point. Creating a new page and linking to that page is frustratingly difficult.”

G2 product review (

“…sometimes it errors out or crashes in the middle of a very important email so you have to close out and do it over again.”

G2 product review (

“What I least like about this software is that at the beginning is hard to use and has a high cost.”

Capterra product review (

“Ondexx is seamless in the ways that everyone uses and accesses it. We have zero complaints or issues about usage and reliability. It runs itself from our perspective, and that’s a great thing.”

AVP, Life Reinsurance Pricing & New Business Canadian-based Life Reinsurance Company

“Our Business has gained back control of our own content and we no longer have to rely on IT for support.”

AVP, Learning & Communications Leading US based Life Insurance Company

“Ondexx is an ethical, flexible, stable, and strong organization that provides a terrific, hassle-free platform that makes our life easier and reduces our need for internal resources.”

Chief Underwriter, Leading Global Reinsurance Company

To Find Out More, Download the Full Report on How Ondexx Compares to SharePoint

Report: SharePoint vs Ondexx

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