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Why MIB trusts Ondexx

Learn now Ondexx solved MIB’s knowledge management challenges.

Build or buy? That’s the decision MIB faced when updating the information system that supports its flagship underwriting service.

Ondexx exceeded MIB’s expectations by bringing functionality to them that they hadn’t even had on their wish list.

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Risky Business

In an industry predicated on managing and mitigating risk, it’s interesting to learn how many life insurance companies are not applying attention to the risk factors concerning their most critical content.

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Risk Assessment

Find out how your company stacks up with respect to risks and exposure around corporate information and knowledge, take a look at our Knowledge Management Risk Assessment – it will only take you a few minutes to go through.

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Ondexx is a purpose-built knowledge management solution.

Ondexx has been developed by working closely with our clients over the last two decades to keep one step ahead of the competition. Our experienced team uses cutting edge technology to identify, plan, and integrate new features into Ondexx to help ensure that it remains best-in-class.



“The best thing about the staff at Ondexx is their level of understanding of the industry, the market and the people. It allows them to better help and work through our needs and any issues that we may be having.”

VP Marketing & Strategic Client Solutions

Leading Global Life Reinsurance Company

“The Ondexx support team is very service- oriented, responsive, supportive; and willing to invest time, energy, and effort to form strong relationships with their clients.”

EVP & Chief Information Officer

Global Life Insurance Provider

“I have never been disappointed. The Ondexx team doesn’t try to sell you something that you don’t need. We have a strong relationship and I can rely on them to keep us informed about the industry and ensure we are continually focused on what’s good for us.”

Vice President

Life Insurance Data Provider

“Ondexx positively impacts the bottom line by increasing speed, accuracy, and making our company more competitive.”

Chief Underwriter

US based Financial Services Company

“Once Ondexx was implemented, we saved at least one full-time equivalent, so the solution easily pays for itself.”

AVP, Risk Management

Global Financial Services Company

“Ondexx is seamless in the ways that everyone uses and accesses it. We have zero complaints or issues about usage and reliability. It runs itself from our perspective, and that’s a great thing.”

AVP, Life Reinsurance Pricing & New Business

Canadian-based Life Reinsurance Company

“Ondexx allows us to be nimble with information that needs to be related to underwriters. We make changes to the manuals ourselves that are immediately visible to everyone. This makes us more effective and consistent, leading to greater adherence to guidelines – which now leads to better audit results due to Ondexx.”

AVP, Automated Underwriting Leading

US based Financial Services Company

“With Ondexx we now have control over our own manuals and a valuable tool for our clients. Finally, we also have internal consistency, which leads to better decisions, which is obviously better for our bottom line.”

VP & Account Executive

Global Life Reinsurance Company

“Ondexx was adopted 100% by the end of the first day without of any end-user training or support.”

AVP, National Disability Services

Canadian-based Group Benefits Provider

“Our Business has gained back control of our own content and we no longer have to rely on IT for support.”

AVP, Learning & Communications Leading

US based Life Insurance Company

“Ondexx increases accuracy, productivity and bottom line results. Overall, the solution has exceeded our expectations!”

Senior IT Executive

Canadian-based Life Insurance Company

“Red Wolf is an ethical, flexible, stable and strong organization that provides a terrific, hassle-free platform that makes our life easier and reduces our need for internal resources.”

Chief Underwriter

Leading Global Reinsurance Company

“By making information easier to find, Ondexx leads to increased productivity and fewer mistakes.”

AVP, Underwriting Leading

Global Life Reinsurance Company

“With Ondexx, it was simply business as usual! We’ve never had an issue working remotely with Ondexx – our other systems are more challenging to manage. Ondexx enables us to make changes and updates in real-time and the fact that the solution allows us to manage the application completely independently sets it apart from any other system in our company.”

Assistant Vice President, Underwriting Systems

Global Reinsurance Company

“Ondexx gave me the ability to remotely and instantaneously create a new, secure, shareable and searchable online resources without the support of IT. I was thrilled of how easy it was to deploy a new Ondexx site, on-board the required users, and get everything up and running in less than an hour- it was so cool!”

AVP, Underwriting & Claims Risk Management

Global Life Insurance Company

“The fact that we have Ondexx made us ready for this crisis! And the responsiveness of the Company has always been reassuring.”

Associate Chief, Underwriting Risk Management

US Life Insurance Company

“With Ondexx, it was business as usual despite the chaos. The access is great! We have seen a big uptake in users and usage and we’ve also added other links and resources to extend the platform. Some of the business units that weren’t using the platform for communications, are now doing so because Ondexx is so reliable.”

AVP, Learning Center of Excellence

Global Life Insurance Company

“Ondexx removes a big operational headache – it frees up valuable internal resources and virtually eliminates the concern of knowledge transfer.”

Vice President & Chief Underwriting Officer

Leading Global Life Reinsurance Company

“Since we deployed Ondexx, we have an average daily time savings of 25 – 30 minutes per employee.”

Director of Underwriting

US based Life Insurance Company

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