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That’s the decision MIB faced when updating the information system that supports its flagship underwriting service.

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Sharing MIB’s best kept secret, learn why MIB loves using Ondexx as their North American Knowledge Management Solution for over 6,000+ users.

Why MIB Chose Ondexx as its Knowledge Management Solution

MIB Group, Inc. (“MIB”) has been a trusted data partner of the life and health insurance industry for more than a century. Among its many data solutions, its MIB Checking Service is the industry’s leading underwriting requirement used by approximately 400 North American carriers to help assess risk on insurance applications. In a search to replace a legacy document support system for the Checking Service — Ondexx became the obvious choice.

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“Managing these document libraries in a secure environment is not our core business… it pulled critical IT resources away from the enterprise’s technical priorities,” said Brian Millman, Vice President of MIB, Inc. “Simply stated, time spent on IT infrastructure support was time not well spent.”

“Data security is a top priority at MIB. The supporting documentation we are publishing is proprietary and critical to the operation of our core services. These assets had to be secure, current and available 24/7/365 for our users,” said Millman.

“Our Chief Information Security Officer asked some pretty tough questions, and the Ondexx team was able to answer every one. Passing muster with our CISO was a critical first step in moving forward with Ondexx,” said Millman.

“Security is a huge deal for our company. We have a lot of proprietary information and sensitive information.”


MIB needed a knowledge management system that securely consolidated all key documents, was easy-to-use, easy-to update, had robust search capability and provided continuous, vetted access for underwriters across North America. After an in-depth evaluation, MIB chose Ondexx.

Ondexx is a secure, easy-to-use, cloudbased information portal currently used in 26 countries and seven languages around the world.

Simplified Information Management
Top-notch security was not the only requirement. MIB wanted to save time with a system that would make it quick to load content onto the portal and make it easier for users to find the information. 

One of the many features that sealed the deal was the user-friendly Ondexx interface. That made moving and loading new content an effortless and straightforward experience.

Moreover, updating and changing documents is simple with Ondexx.

“I knew the care and feeding that it took to put new content on our legacy portal. In looking for a new system, we wanted that process to be easier and smoother — and it is,” said Millman.

“Our users love the platform. We have over 6,000 users currently, with many registering each day, and it is a very seamless process.”


“Underwriters are also pleased with how easy it is to find the information they need to do their jobs,” he said. Unlike the legacy portal it replaced, the Ondexx system lets users search across all MIB publications on the portal and/or narrow down search results by applying filters. “Being able to identify all relevant information on a topic through a single search is a huge
advantage. The data and how to use the data may reside in two different locations; the search lets our users see the complete picture at key decision points,” said Millman.

Ondexx also exceeded MIB’s expectations by delivering functionality that wasn’t on their wish list.

One example is the ability of users to add specialized notes to certain pages that are specific to each user or they have an option to add “group notes” where notes can be shared between underwriters at their company only. “That’s a real value add for underwriters, and a feature that was not on our roadmap,” said Millman.

Delivered in Days
It was vital that implementation of the new MIB portal be fast and cost-effective. Within one week of launch, over 3,000 insurance underwriters were fully vetted and accessing the information via Ondexx. Today, we have over 6000 active users.

MIB was impressed with the speed and ease of deployment, saving time, energy, and IT resources. Moreover, since security and maintenance of the solution is an Ondexx responsibility, MIB can more strategically deploy its IT resources.

MIB has also been thrilled with the level of support Ondexx provides. Millman described the Ondexx Help Desk as ‘very responsive.’ They triage help line questions to assure the most appropriate person on the Ondexx team fields an issue-that’s effective and gets answers very quickly,” said Millman.

MIB’s adoption of Ondexx has improved its organizational effectiveness. It allows us to do more with the Ondexx solution, particularly with the intuitive interface, the new and improved features, rapid updates and ease of use.

“Users are “extremely happy,” and MIB has had a great user experience. We haven’t had a single issue in the year in a half of having our content housed there, and we are looking to expand it for that reason.”


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