Knowledge Management Risk Assessment

A robust knowledge management solution is critical to the long-term success of an organization. It saves the organization time and money by increasing productivity and reducing errors.

“Since we deployed Ondexx, we have an average daily time savings of 25–30 minutes per employee.”

Director of Underwriting
US based Life Insurance Company

According to IDC and Forbes, poor knowledge sharing practices cost Fortune 500 companies $31.5 billion annually.

Most organizations are unaware of the depth and magnitude of the impact of poor knowledge sharing. Through market research and two decades of experience in the information and knowledge management space, we have created a simple self-assessment that will enable you to rate yourself in the areas of exposure related to information and knowledge sharing. To make it easy for you, the Knowledge Management Risk Assessment (KMRA) questionnaire can be completed on the page below. Once we receive it, we will be able to discuss your areas of risk and exposure to determine if – and how – Ondexx could help your business. 

“By making information easier to find, Ondexx leads to increased productivity and fewer mistakes.”

AVP, Underwriting
Leading Global Life Reinsurance Company

Recognizing the high cost to every business of poor information and knowledge sharing, here are some indicators that your business might be at risk:

Top 10 Indicators of a Costly Knowledge Management Problem…

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    Your company’s internal content is poorly organized.
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    There are overall issues in your organization with the time it takes to request, find, search, access and share information and documents.
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    It’s difficult to perform basic searches to find and browse company documents quickly and easily – including manuals, presentations, spreadsheets, contracts, policies, procedures, libraries, archives, and agreements.
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    It’s difficult – or impossible – to perform complex searches, where you need to lookup words or phrases (that apply to both document names as well as their contents), using ‘loose’ or ‘exact’ filters. It’s equally as difficult – or impossible – to then quickly have a list of matches returned that have scanned every document in the organization, regardless of what type of software was used to create it.
  • null
    It’s unclear as to which of your staff or colleagues in your organization are responsible/authorized for authoring, versioning, approving and publishing, whether it be new or updated content.
  • null
    Information, documents and artifacts are stored in multiple locations, and your colleagues and staff are unsure of which versions are ‘current’ and that processes are unclear or inconsistent.
  • null
    Your staff and colleagues have indicated that your company’s internal information, documents, procedures, libraries and manuals are not current or out-of-date.
  • null
    Your organization’s information and content are not ‘protected’ or secure enough.
  • null
    There is a backlog of requests with internal IT – or a vendor – for maintenance, enhancements or bug fixes with your current solution.
  • null
    Your organization is reliant on internal IT – or a vendor – to manage, publish, and distribute content internally.

If you answered yes to two or more of these indicators, you should take 8 minutes and complete your Knowledge Management  Risk Assessment.

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