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“Since we deployed Ondexx, we have an average daily time savings of 25 – 30 minutes per employee.”

Director of Underwriting
Leading US based Life Insurance Company

Ondexx combines leading edge technology into a single, easy-to-use, cloud-based information and knowledge portal

Regardless of the department or business unit, Ondexx makes it easy to create, approve, distribute, and access information effectively across your entire organization.

The benefits are clear

Competitive Advantage

Speed, accuracy and informed decision-making improve both the user and client experience – and your bottom line.


People can make well-informed decisions with current information, all the time.


Finding the right information right away saves time and the consistent workflow greatly improves efficiency.


Capture, leverage and retain institutional knowledge from the entire organization.


All of your enterprise information, across regions, languages and departments – in one secure place.

Ondexx Licensing Options

Ondexx has three configurations to meet the needs of every business. We have focused on making it as easy as possible for clients to buy Ondexx, including our commitment to provide pricing with ‘no hidden costs’. Getting a quotation for Ondexx is fast and simple, and we can provide it to you after a brief discussion to answer a few questions.

Ideal for
Seat Licensing
Infrastructure, Hosting & Management
Training & User Support
Content Migration
Onboarding & Implementation
Customer Success
Technical Support
Ondexx Enhancements & Upgrades
Ideal for 250 – 750 Users
Seat Licensing: Per User, Monthly
Infrastructure, Hosting & Management: Monthly
Training & User Support: 3 Options
Content Migration: 3 Options
Onboarding & Implementation: One-Time Setup
Customer Success: Included
Technical Support: Included
Ondexx Enhancements & Upgrades: Included
Best for organizations that have less than 750 users.
Ondexx Enterprise
Ideal for 500 – ‘Unlimited’ Users
Seat Licensing: Per User, Monthly
Infrastructure, Hosting & Management: Monthly
Training & User Support: Included
Content Migration: Included
Onboarding & Implementation: Included
Customer Success: Included
Technical Support: Included
Ondexx Enhancements & Upgrades: Included
Best for organsizations that have 500+ users, then expand.

Are you operating a small business?

Ondexx Lite is ideal for any organization under 250 users. Contact us to find out how Ondexx Lite is right for you.

Ondexx Lite

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Ondexx’s Competitive Advantage

300+ Features Deployed ‘out of the box’

No Training Required

Works the same as a standard web browser

Highly Secure and Compliant

Soc2 Type II Certified and FIPS 140-2 Compliant

100% Availability

Guaranteed business continuity

Zero IT & Resources Required

Free up your IT resources for other things

No Hidden Costs

No client IT Resources Required

Key Benefits of Ondexx

Rapid Deployment

Ondexx deploys quickly without disrupting any of your company’s workflow or having to trouble your IT department. With MIB, within one week of launching, over 6,000 users were accessing the MIB coding manual on Ondexx.

Provides Complete Control for All User Access

Regardless of the department or business unit, Ondexx makes it easy to create, approve, distribute, and access information effectively across your Organization. This ensures all users have the right access to the right information at the right time – regardless of user type including Administrators, Editors, Publishers and End Users.

Content Creation & Publishing

Content creation and publishing is simple. Ondexx handles files of all types – all within one web browser! No third-party software or licenses are required.

Instant Cloud Updates

Ondexx ensures the most up to date information is always available, from file and document storage and sharing to robust search functionality, making access to all documents, manuals, policies, procedures and files easy and intuitive.

Powerful Search

Our advanced flexible search allows users to narrow down data swiftly, allowing everyone to have access to the information they need to do their job. Search also provides the power to view 77 different document types directly in the interface without the need to launch software or even purchase a license for it.

Unlimited Storage & Documents

Ondexx knows that as a business grows, so does your data and information you need to store. To anticipate this need, customers are provided an unlimited number of documents and files that can be stored.

Gone are the days where more storage and documents means increased fees!

Flexible & Customizable

Whether it’s our advanced flexible search or language support, Ondexx is focused on offering a solution that is flexible and customizable.

Large corporations have been using Ondexx since 2003, and now it is being used globally in 26 countries and 8 different languages.

Templates, extensions and integrations also help to ensure that our solution is able to adapt to your business needs.

“Ondexx positively impacts the bottom line by increasing speed , accuracy, and by making our company more competitive.”

Chief Underwriter
US Based Financial Services Company

Ondexx works with all the departments in your company

Human Resources

Enable your new employees to easily find all the information they need to do their job – and store all of your company’s policies, procedures and training in an easy to search and view interface.


Access, store, and update your Disaster Recovery Plans, audits, reports, and test results and any other form of technology documentation easily and instantaneously.


Easily access training resources that support your business unit or focus – or may affect the entire organization.


Make it easy to create, edit, track, iterate, and collaborate on contracts and treaties – manage versions, communications and provide audit trails for all of your legal documents.


Easily and securely manage all of your corporate governance, board minutes, and business plans; ensuring that nothing gets misplaced or overwritten.

Call Center Operations

Shorten the distance between your CSRs and the information they need to answer questions quickly and accurately – even integrate Ondexx with your IVR systems.


In a restricted and secure area, all business-critical Executive artifacts are retained including: strategic initiatives and business plans.


Whether it’s strategic plans, brand guidelines, or sales processes & tools – easily find business-critical marketing assets without having to worry about finding the right version or asking someone else for help.

Finance & Admin

Effectively organize your documents and files to support coordination, implementation and monitoring of finance and administrative activities.

Records & Archives

Quickly access archived records and files with our robust information lookup and search features that make finding virtually anything downright enjoyable.

Product Support

Swiftly access procedures, processes, forms, documentation and resources that are related to product support.

Customer Service

Quickly and easily access documents and artifacts to enable representatives to provide customers with information about products and services, help customers with questions and complaints, and provide information to process returns.

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