What is Knowledge Management?

Knowledge Management is defined as:
“A concept in which an enterprise consciously and comprehensively gathers, organizes, shares, and analyzes its knowledge in terms of resources, documents, and people skills”.

Girard, John P, Ph.D., and JoAnn Girard.
“Defining knowledge management: Toward an applied continuum.”
Online Journal of Applied Knowledge Management, 2015

We are living in an era of information overload. Any solution that an organization can put into place to streamline their information and knowledge management practices is a strategic imperative.

Why is knowledge management important to your business?

According to the International Data Corp. (IDC) poor knowledge-sharing practices cost Fortune 500 companies approximately $31.5 billion annually! This is a direct result of a company’s inability to properly share information and knowledge within their organization.

Don’t let poorly organized knowledge cost your company!

Ondexx: A Best-In-Class Knowledge Management Solution

Ondexx combines leading edge technology into a single, easy-to-use, cloud-based information and knowledge portal.

Regardless of the department or business unit, Ondexx makes it easy to create, approve, distribute, and access information effectively across your entire organization.

Every client’s instance of Ondexx is installed with a virtualized, dedicated cloud environment that provides 100% business continuity, including high availability and fault tolerance. This rapidly scalable architecture offers security and end-to-end encryption that is best-in-class!

Continuous Improvement Since 2003

Ondexx was initially engineered for the life insurance industry and grew out of the need for a solid and reliable knowledge management solution. From the outset, the mission-critical needs were to solve information and knowledge gaps, streamline workflow and shorten the time required to conduct business.

The capabilities and functionality of Ondexx have grown considerably over the past 20 years – and feedback from key users has been incorporated into the Product Roadmap since the early days, and this approach is still in practice today. Since the very beginning, the life insurance industry’s stringent needs and security requirements resulted in a robust, reliable, scalable knowledge management solution that is considered best-in-class by today’s standards.

Our Partnership with MIB

We are partners with the Medical Information Bureau (MIB) and have powered their knowledge management solution since 2018, where Ondexx now brings the ‘MIB Coding Manual’ to thousands of daily users in virtually every Life Insurance company in North America.

Easy to Use

Ondexx combines leading-edge technology into a single, cloud-based solution, which means that ‘everything is in one place’ from the end user’s perspective.

Ondexx makes it easy to create, share, and access all the information in your organization. It also maintains precise version control, so you always know that you have the latest or most up to date information.

One of Ondexx’s most loved features is its powerful search function that automatically filters and searches document names, keywords and labels as well as their actual contents! Search also provides the power to view 77 different document types directly in the interface without the need to launch software or even purchase a license for it.

All search results, files and attachments are displayed conveniently in Ondexx’s intuitive web browser interface!

“By making information easier to find, Ondexx leads to increased productivity and fewer mistakes.”

AVP, Underwriting
Leading Global Life Reinsurance Company


Ondexx offers 100% uptime, since its initial release in 2003 Ondexx has never lost a client! No other knowledge management solution provides you that level of built-in reliability. Your information is there for you 24/7 on any device that you’re using.

Every client’s instance of Ondexx is installed with a virtualized, dedicated cloud environment that provides 100% business continuity, including high availability and fault tolerance. This rapidly scalable architecture offers security and end-to-end encryption that is best-in-class.


Many industry verticals have strict regulations on how information is stored, accessed, and distributed. Ondexx maintains full compliance with your information in our system.

We are fully compliant with FIPS 140-2 and SOC 2 Type II regulations.

Fast Implementation

Ondexx has built its reputation on providing fast and seamless implementation to organizations. We can have you up and running in days – not weeks or months, like our major competitors.

Also, because Ondexx is created around an intuitive, simple interface that works just like any standard web browser, the learning curve to get started for virtually every user is fast and easy.

“The implementation of the Ondexx solution was terrific. Their team was great to work with. They helped us out tremendously.”

Director, Underwriting Services, MIB Group Inc.


Ondexx offers complete transparency with our ‘per seat’ pricing, with no hidden fees or costs. All 300+ features are included ‘out of the box’ and never require you to pay extra for any new features or improvements in our product roadmap.

Also included is 100% of the ongoing maintenance, enhancements and technical support of Ondexx, so you can redeploy your IT staff onto projects that are important to your organization.


Ondexx is virtually training-free since it behaves exactly like a standard web browser – virtually all users are ‘instantly productive’.

If individual or group training is required, it’s included!

“Ondexx was adopted 100% by the end of the first day without of any end-user training or support.”

AVP, National Disability Services
Canadian-based Group Benefits Provider

Bringing All These Elements Together

Ondexx is the clear choice for your organization’s knowledge management needs.
Ondexx is knowledge management made easy, reliable, and affordable.

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