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Why is Ondexx the best knowledge management solution for you?
See how we’re best in class.

Ondexx is knowledge
management made easy

Easy to use

Ondexx combines leading edge technology into a single, easy-to-use cloud-based business information portal. Thousands of new users can be onboarded and deployed in minutes, and any user that is familiar with a standard web browser is immediately productive and typically requires little or no training. Only minimal technical acumen is required to fully manage and administer Ondexx users – business units gain back control of their own content, become 100% self-reliant, and no longer have to rely on IT for support.


Ondexx is engineered using an ‘Enterprise Dedicated Cloud’ architecture, which offers 100% uptime, including fault tolerance and high availability. Your Ondexx environment and security is best-in-class, providing FIPS 140-2 compliance, SOC2 Type II certification, and includes end-to-end encryption. We also follow Amazon Web Services’ best practices, which includes a fully managed instance of your Ondexx environment.


Ondexx has an attractive pricing model that includes 100% of all seat licensing, onboarding, training and infrastructure costs. Better than every competitor, Ondexx never requires any additional financial investments or IT resources for configuration, deployment, or ongoing management and maintenance. Additionally, all 300 Ondexx features are ‘built-in’ and delivered ‘out of the box’ at deployment time.


Ondexx works for every department and business unit

Ondexx makes it quick and easy to develop, distribute, and access the information everyone needs to effectively do their job.

Organize All Documents and Files, with Versioning and Audit Trails
Use a ‘Modern Search’ to Swiftly Find Content
Manage Workflow and Document Life Cycle
Control All User Access and Permissions (End Users, Editors, Administrators)

Want to see how Ondexx works?

If you answer ‘No’ to any of these questions – Ondexx can help!

Is it easy to find all of the information you need to do your job every day?
Is your company self-reliant and independent of internal IT in order to manage, publish, and distribute content?
Is your company’s content clean and well organized?
Are all of your company’s content, documents, files and records stored in a single, integrated platform?
Are you confident that all of the information and data that your company is using are the most current and up to date?
Does your company continuously invest in and improve its systems to manage information and knowledge?
Ondexx brings together all the sources of information that your business needs into one seamless, integrated solution.

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