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Why is Ondexx the right Knowledge Management Solution for you?

See how we’re best-in-class.

Ondexx is a purpose-built knowledge management solution.

Ondexx has been developed by working closely with our clients over the last two decades to keep one step ahead of the competition. We use great technology to identify, plan, and build new features into Ondexx to ensure it remains best-in-class.

Key Benefits

Ondexx is Knowledge management made easy

Easy To Use

Ondexx combines leading edge technology into a single, easy-to-use cloud-based business information portal.

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Ondexx is engineered using an ‘Enterprise Dedicated Cloud’ architecture, which offers 100% uptime, including fault tolerance and high availability.

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Ondexx has an attractive pricing model that includes 100% of all seat licensing, onboarding, training and infrastructure costs.

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Ondexx vs. SharePoint: See how we compare

Learn how Ondexx wins over SharePoint in ways that matter to your business.

The difference between SharePoint and Ondexx starts with their very DNA – in the way they were developed, and how they’re both used and maintained.

Ondexx is ready-to-use, and has 300+ features out-of-the-box. In contrast, SharePoint is an IT platform that requires design, development, support, management and maintenance.

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Why MIB trusts Ondexx

Learn how Ondexx solved the Medical Information Bureau’s knowledge management challenges.

Build or buy? That’s the decision MIB faced when replacing their information delivery solution, supporting thousands of daily Life Insurance users with its flagship MIB Coding Manual.

Ondexx exceeded MIB’s expectations by providing great features and functionality that were over and above their core requirements.

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How to make an educated decision

Learn how internal champions work together to select knowledge management solutions.

Large multi-national corporations use Ondexx because of its ease-of-use, reliability, and affordability. In fact, Ondexx is an essential business tool today for global users in 26 countries supporting content in eight languages.

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Use Cases

Ondexx works for every department and business unit

Ondexx makes it quick and easy to create, distribute, and access the information everyone needs to effectively do their job.

  • Organize All Documents and Files, with Versioning and Audit Trails
  • Use a ‘Modern Search’ to Swiftly Find Content
  • Manage Workflow and Document Life Cycle
  • Control All User Access and Permissions (End Users, Editors, Administrators)

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“The best thing about the staff at Ondexx is their level of understanding of the industry, the market and the people. It allows them to better help and work through our needs and any issues that we may be having.”

VP Marketing & Strategic Client Solutions

Leading Global Life Reinsurance Company

“The Ondexx support team is very service- oriented, responsive, supportive; and willing to invest time, energy, and effort to form strong relationships with their clients.”

EVP & Chief Information Officer

Global Life Insurance Provider

“I have never been disappointed. The Ondexx team doesn’t try to sell you something that you don’t need. We have a strong relationship and I can rely on them to keep us informed about the industry and ensure we are continually focused on what’s good for us.”

Vice President

Life Insurance Data Provider

“Red Wolf is an ethical, flexible, stable and strong organization that provides a terrific, hassle-free platform that makes our life easier and reduces our need for internal resources.”

Chief Underwriter

Leading Global Reinsurance Company

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