Red Wolf & Ondexx

The Story

Ondexx is a purpose-built knowledge management solution that has been engineered over the last two decades using great technology.

Since the initial release of Ondexx in 2003, we have worked in collaboration with our clients to help us identify, plan and integrate new features and functions into Ondexx. This has ensured that we are focused on striving to meet and exceed our clients’ expectations.

Explore our timeline to learn more about the milestones and innovations that have helped shape the Red Wolf and Ondexx story.

  • 1993 – 2003

    The concept for Ondexx started with David Tessler in 1993 when he was writing front and back office apps for the insurance industry. David noticed there were a number of solutions that had common or overlapping requirements for information and content management.

    Through this insight and combining his experience and expertise as an innovative software architect, he spotted a critical need in the market for a comprehensive, easy-to-use and cost-effective information management platform that didn’t depend on legions of IT staff.

  • 2003

    David and Paul establish Red Wolf Online, choosing the name as a tribute to the endangered North American species. In that year, they approached Canada Life with the idea of Ondexx. Canada Life had worked with David already and knew that his thinking on information management was ahead of its time. They implemented the initial solution in three months, making Ondexx a forerunner as one of the first SaaS/Cloud solutions in the information management space.

  • 2005

    Manulife Canada signed on to use Ondexx for life underwriting. Manulife was unhappy with the products they had been using for information management and challenged Red Wolf to adapt the Ondexx solution to their organization’s needs. What the team saw was an opportunity for an information management solution that could stretch across an entire organization.

  • 2006

    In partnership with Manulife and John Hancock Red Wolf unveiled the next evolution of their product which was initially called OnDex (now Ondexx), coined from the phrase ‘online indexing’. This iteration of Ondexx was the first genuinely enterprise wide, information management solution aimed at the insurance vertical. The solution was expanded to work with all departments in an insurance organization.

    This partnership started with one department and within 3 years, Red Wolf was a global strategic vendor for Manulife. Now Ondexx is used by 37,000 employees and users with Manulife.

  • 2010

    Ondexx continued to be improved and officially transitioned from an information management platform to a full knowledge management solution. This was an important transition for Ondexx, as it recognized that the solution offered more to an organization that traditional information management – managing the information resources in a company and improving performance. In contrast, full knowledge management recognizes the need for information management, but adds the critical capability to create, enhance, capture, approve, update and distribute knowledge – and process – across an entire organization.

    This change in focus increased Ondexx’s reputation in the Life and Reinsurance industry. This change brought reliability, ease of use, and affordability to the knowledge management solution space that was previously unavailable.

  • 2012 – 2017

    Ondexx continued to add features and functionalities to the product and now provide over 300 of them to their users.

    Ondexx also became the ‘system of record’ for John Hancock and also signed initial distribution agreements with MIB Group, Inc.

  • 2017

    Ondexx earns SOC 2 Type II Certification.

    SOC stands for “System and Organization Controls,” and the controls are a series of standards designed to help measure how well a given service organization conducts and regulates its information. The purpose of SOC standards is to provide confidence and peace of mind for organizations when they engage third-party vendors. A SOC-certified organization has been audited by an independent certified public accountant who determined the firm has the appropriate SOC safeguards and procedures in place.

    More specifically, SOC 2 Type II certification is designed for service providers storing customer data in the cloud. It requires companies to establish and follow strict information security policies and procedures encompassing the security, availability, processing, integrity, and confidentiality of customer data.

  • 2018

    Paul Quigley joined the Ondexx team in 2018 as CEO. A leader in the technology industry with a career built around bringing platforms and solutions to market made him the perfect fit for Ondexx.

    Paul’s role not only brought decades of business building experience, but a fresh focus for Ondexx. His initial areas of focus were marketing, partnerships, and verticalization of the solution.

    Not only was Paul’s addition energizing for the founders, his experience was seen as essential for scaling the Ondexx solution globally.

  • 2018

    Ondexx became FIPS 140-2 Compliant.

    To be FIPS compliant, an organization must adhere to the Federal Information Processing Standards (FIPS) in order to act in accordance with the Federal Information Security Management Act of 2002 (FISMA). In 2014, FISMA was amended with critical updates in cybersecurity that needed regulatory oversight.

    The National Institute of Standards and Technology’s (NIST’s) Computer Security Division created FIPS, a set of computer system security standards. FISMA requires United States federal government agencies to reduce information technology risk to an acceptable level at a reasonable cost.

    In order to be FIPS 140 compliant, a US government agency or contractor’s computer systems must meet requirements outlined in the FIPS publication #140.

    FIPS 140 covers cryptographic module and testing requirements in both hardware and software, and for a technology to be FIPS 140-2 certified or validated, the software (and hardware) must be independently validated and certified by one of 13 NIST specified laboratories.

  • 2019

    Ondexx signed a partnership agreement with The Medical Information Bureau (MIB Group Inc.) to power MIB’s knowledge management solution. Ondexx now provides essential services to MIB’s 430+ member companies, supporting over 8,000 active daily users. This is a significant partnership for Ondexx, as MIB is one of the largest data providers in the world.

    Ondexx moved their pricing model to a 100% subscription-based model.

    Ondexx signed Sun Life on as a client.

  • Q2 – 2020

    Ondexx is officially announced as a standalone product under the new domain – the Ondexx team sees this as a mission-critical step to grow its market share and provide knowledge management solutions to global verticals.

  • 2021 and the road ahead

    Ondexx continues to chart its path forward via its Ondexx product roadmap, and plans to continue to add major new features to the product. Part of this ongoing development will be introducing AI to improve intuitive capture, distribution and search capabilities for enterprise knowledge.

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