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Over the past two decades, we have worked closely with our clients to help them derive maximum value from Ondexx. Since we launched in 2003 we have not lost a client, and today Ondexx is supporting users in 26 countries in 8 languages. Recently, we interviewed our clients and asked them about their Ondexx journey to success. There was one thing they all described similarly – a series of stages they went through over a 2-4 year period on their journey to success.

Those 10 stages are described here.

Many testimonials from our clients are also shown below, and you’ll be able to speak to them personally during your Ondexx journey.

Getting to Know Ondexx Discovery Getting to Know Ondexx Discovery of Ondexx starts when someone in your organization first hears about Ondexx - like right here on our site!. You and your colleagues will be gathering more information through various avenues, including from your experts at Ondexx! Visits to Knowledge Management Risk Assessment Learning more about Ondexx and understanding its value to your business will include topics such as: Presentation material Discussion of your specific needs Content we will make available to you Ondexx demonstrations Confirming Value & Fit Suitability Confirming Value & Fit Ensuring that Ondexx meets the needs of your business will include confirmation on aspects such as: Pricing - this is typically a quotation with 2-5 scenarios that you have requested Review your specific needs Strategic fit Suitability focuses on specific information your organization requires to support a purchase decision. Now that you functionally understand Ondexx and its key benefits through Discovery, the topic of Suitability is next. At this stage, the goal is to answer your question “Is Ondexx a valuable fit for our business?”. Ondexx functionality is understood Tech & Security requirements A Mutual Promise of Success Commitment A Mutual Promise of Success Reaching an agreement to launch Ondexx at your organization will include elements such as: Launch date Final Approval During Commitment, we guide you through the steps needed for us to make a mutual commitment of success. This stage is focused primarily on our business relationship and the launch of Ondexx. This step lays firm groundwork to ensure onboarding and implementing Ondexx is a success for your organization. Content Migration Requirements confirmed Final proposal and pricing Ondexx agreement drafted Onboarding Content template(s) Convening the Teams Commencement Convening the Teams Welcome to the Ondexx family, you are now one of our great clients! Commencement is focused on introducing you to your Ondexx team who are there to ensure success throughout our relationship. This step will be facilitated by your Ondexx ‘Client Success’ team member. Their role is to act as the communication conduit when it comes to helping you optimize the use of Ondexx, and leverage the value throughout your organization. Meeting the Ondexx team Executive During Commencement, your Client Success team member will coordinate: Fine-tune your Ondexx roadmap Client Management Client Success Client Services Ondexx Solution Design Training & Support Marketing Operations Onboarding You onto Ondexx Deployment Onboarding You onto Ondexx During deployment, key activities and deliverables include: Deployment is focused on the essential elements required to set up and configure your Ondexx instance, ensuring that it is 100% ready to launch. The Deployment stage is best characterized by ‘behind the scenes’ activities and is performed in conjunction with the Launch (see next stage). This component also includes content migration into Ondexx from any of your existing platforms or systems identified in the Commitment stage. Configuration of your Ondexx instance Project plan review Content migration Creating User Groups Establishing Roles, rights, and permissions Training 'Go Live' Launch 'Go Live' Pre-launch activities During Launch, all elements required for a flawless ‘go live’ date are covered. The Launch phase is best described as ‘related to end user’ activity, and is performed in conjunction with Deployment (see previous stage). The Launch stage also addresses other aspects such as socializing and promoting Ondexx internally, as well as branding your Ondexx instance so that it is ‘personalized’ for your organization.

The Launch is typically completed on the ‘go live’ date which is when all authorized end users have been granted access to Ondexx.
Through the Launch phase, main activities are focused pre-launch and the ‘go live’ launch date which include: Adding users Notifications Messaging Internal marketing ‘Personalize’ your Ondexx instance ‘Go Live’ Launch Date Help to onboard new users Provide users an introduction to Ondexx Support & documents Ondexx goes ‘live’ for all users
Excitement & Surpassing Expectations The Ondexx Buzz Excitement & Surpassing Expectations Training review and status Get ready for this stage - we refer to it as ‘The Ondexx Buzz’, where in the weeks and months following Launch, clients vocalize the clear and obvious positive impacts Ondexx has on their business. Clients experience excitement, enthusiasm - and most of all, exceeded expectations!

And we’re not making this up, we get this feedback consistently and continually! To see a number of examples, please view the MIB Case Study, and the MIB Testimonial Video. Also visit the Testimonials section of our site, and if you’re interested, you’ll be able to speak to some of these clients personally during your Ondexx journey!
While ‘The Ondexx Buzz’ is building within your organization, you will be collaborating with your Client Success team member on your roadmap and calendar, focusing on the first 12 months after Launch on elements such as: Post-launch debrief First Health Check User commentary and feedback Review of Ondexx’s ‘Future Release Product Roadmap’
Leveraging Proven Success Growth Leveraging Proven Sucess Socializing Ondexx across your organization As the ‘Ondexx Buzz’ continues to grow, the Growth stage is entered when business leaders within your organization start recognizing how Ondexx can be used to improve other areas of the organization*.

Overall, there is a realization that Ondexx makes sense for the other areas of your business - and that Ondexx can clearly add value beyond where it was initially deployed. Expansion into other areas becomes the logical next step to capitalize on the value and benefits of Ondexx.

*Refer to our Buyers Guide on our site for additional information.
During Growth, your Client Success team member will be essential in helping you navigate this transition as new departments or divisions enter Ondexx Discovery and Suitability. Support during this process can be provided by: Meetings with your Ondexx team Visits to Knowledge Management Risk Assessment Discussion of specific needs Presentation material Ondexx demonstrations Content we will make available to you
Deriving Maximum Ondexx Value Enterprise Deriving Maximum Ondexx Value Client Services The Enterprise stage is a natural progression from Growth (see previous stage). At this point, clients have already exposed new areas of their organization to Ondexx, and there is a keen interest to pursue other avenues for continued internal growth. Strategically, there is an interest to determine how the known benefits and value of using Ondexx can be delivered throughout the organization.

Typically during the Enterprise stage, clients are already in the process of planning to replace antiquated or redundant systems with highly impactful solutions, and Ondexx fills this need efficiently and effectively.
During Enterprise , knowledge management advocates in your organization will be exploring opportunities to grow Ondexx to other areas of the business. This stage involves active participation from your Ondexx team: Once you have selected the new area(s) for Ondexx deployment, your Ondexx team will work with the appropriate business leads in your organization and proceed with an abbreviated version of the steps from the initial deployment*: Commencement * Refer to other stages for details Commencement Launch Commitment Executive Ondexx Solution Engineering Client Management Client Success
Your Ongoing Journey Continuation Your Ongoing Journey Continuation topics that take place during the renewal period include: Continuation is the stage when your company becomes a mature Ondexx client and is enjoying the full value and benefits of the platform across your enterprise. As the needs of your business continue to grow and evolve, so does Ondexx - as the product's functionality will continue to meet the needs of your ever changing market.

Additionally, agreement renewals are a part of this stage. Since Ondexx has never had a client leave us since the initial launch in 2003, we see the whole topic as part of our clients’ continuum of supporting the businesses’ ongoing journey with Ondexx and maximizing value from the technology and our team of experts.
Reviewing your known business needs Discuss any new upcoming strategic imperatives Review multi-year synopsis by Client Success Review Ondexx use by current active users Review of other clients’ relevant successes with Ondexx Evolution of Ondexx since last renewal Review multi-option renewal packages Review Ondexx ‘Upcoming Future Release’ product roadmap New product features New infrastructure specifications

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