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“With Ondexx we now have control over our own manuals and a valuable tool for our clients. Finally, we also have internal consistency, which leads to better decisions, which is obviously better for our bottom line.”

VP & Account Executive
Global Life Reinsurance Company

Ondexx – engineered for the challenges facing Life Insurance organizations

In today’s insurance marketplace resources are being spread thinner and staff are being asked to do more without having adequate tools. Given the dramatic expansion and storage of information, this path is not only unsustainable, it is costly for the business and inconvenient for customers. The need for a reliable and affordable knowledge management solution is delivered by Ondexx and it’s safe to say, we know insurance – Ondexx has supported tens of thousands of users in this vertical for two decades.

While it may be true that insurance companies have large IT staffs and impressive IT budgets, insurance companies are built to provide insurance to customers, not to overload IT to build and support inadequate platforms. While creating your own tools for enterprise knowledge management might seem like a good idea in the planning stages, the realities of relying on IT to design, develop and maintain an in-house solution are costly and daunting. Ondexx not only does the heavy lifting without requiring any IT involvement or support, Ondexx is delivered with 300+ features ‘out of the box’ at deployment time.

Ondexx is widely used in the Life Insurance market

Competitive Advantages & Highlights

Enjoy all of the Competitive Advantages and Highlights of the Ondexx platform.

Two Decades of Industry Experience

Ondexx has deep knowledge and familiarity with the Life Insurance vertical, going back to the initial launch of Ondexx in 2003 with Canada Life. We understand the life insurance business and configure your Ondexx solution to address your organization’s requirements. We add considerable value by leveraging our industry and Ondexx knowledge to help you choose the best way to present your information and knowledge to your entire business.

MIB Group, Inc. partner

Ondexx is in partnership with The Medical Information Bureau (MIB) to power MIB’s Coding Manual. Ondexx now provides essential services to MIB’s 430+ member companies, supporting thousands of active daily users. For those unfamiliar with the Life Insurance and Reinsurance industry, MIB is one of the largest data providers in the world.

Industry Compliant

We follow strict compliance and security requirements within the industry, Ondexx is fully FIPS 140-2 Compliant and SOC 2 Type II Certified.

Ondexx also makes it easier for clients to remain compliant, having a single source repository with versioning, audit trails and robust user controls. All of this generates detailed reports that provide valuable insight to your business.

Immediate Onboarding & Deployment

Ondexx can onboard thousands of users in hours or days, not weeks or months. This is possible because Ondexx is a ready-made product that can be immediately customized to create a solution for your business. With our automated tools for user onboarding combined with 300+ features ‘out of the box’, our clients will readily substantiate our rapid onboarding assumptions. Conversely, with other platforms or systems such as SharePoint, Salesforce and OnBase, the whole process of onboarding and deployment typically takes between 6-18 months, often with considerable hidden costs attached. Internal IT platforms using SharePoint also have similar long deployment timeframes and high hidden costs.

Optional Extensions for Life Insurance

Ondexx understands the unique requirements of the Life Insurance industry, and we can optionally provide functionality to streamline your workflow. Ondexx offers extensions for custom workflows, calculators, rules engines, and underwriter workbenches. Ondexx is deployed with built-in tracking, versioning, audit trails and reporting, which makes all monitoring and management easy!

Reinsurance & Treaties

Ondexx provides a single source repository to manage, sort, and store all of the treaties and contracts that your insurance business uses in a highly secure, searchable, and versatile aspect of Ondexx.

“Ondexx removes a big operational headache – it frees up valuable internal resources and virtually eliminates the concern of knowledge transfer.”

Vice President & Chief Underwriting Officer
Leading US based Life Insurance Company

Ondexx works with all the departments in your company

Risk Management

Develop, manage, share, and version all your pricing, products, policies, procedures and reports in a secure, single source platform that’s easy to control.


Gain control over your own content with Ondexx’s publishing workflow and provide an underwriter’s desktop where manuals, impairments, ratings, codes, and files are seamlessly integrated.

Human Resources

Enable your new employees to easily find all the information they need to do their job – and store all of your company’s training in an easy to search and view interface.

IT & Security

Access, store, and update your Disaster Recovery Plans, audits, reports, and test results and any other form of documentation easily and instantaneously.


Ensure that all of your company’s employees are seeing the current and correct policy information that meet your industry’s regulations and grant controlled access for auditors.


Make it easy to create, edit, track, iterate, and collaborate on contracts and treaties – manage versions, communications and provide audit trails for all of your legal documents.


Easily and securely manage all of your corporate governance, board minutes, and business plans; ensuring that nothing gets misplaced or overwritten.

Call Center Operations

Shorten the distance between your CSRs and the information they need to answer questions quickly and accurately – even integrate Ondexx with your IVR systems.

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