Ondexx Overview

This Ondexx overview was created for the 2020 MUD Conference to highlight the key benefits of the Ondexx solution. It also includes some feedback on why our clients love using Ondexx.

Does Your Business Face These Challenges?

Low productivity from lack of automation that cost time and money?

Hard to Find Content:
Disparate sources of information on dated systems with poor search?

Reliance Upon IT:
Lack of support and expertise, with high internal costs?

Risk to the business:
Loss of critical data and content?

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Ondexx, delivering the right information to the right people at the right time.

Rest assured that the content that they are referring to is the most accurate and up to date information.

Ondexx is the leading knowledge management platform for Direct Life and Reinsurance. Ondexx’s brings together all of the sources of information for your business into one seamlessly integrated platform and shortens the distance between your people and the information that they need to do their job.

Ondexx has been in market for 15 years and has never lost a customer. The last two years has seen an increase in adoption within our installed client base as well as through the industry. Since MIB launched their Coding Manual exclusively on Ondexx and it has been delivered to over 10,000 users and has had over 25 million webpage views last year alone.

Even though its heritage is Life Underwriting it has evolved to become a Knowledge Management Solution that serves the needs of the entire enterprise. For Underwriters, having all of their critical information available in one seamless platform provides them with a unified underwriters desktop. Apart from Medical and CI manuals, Ondexx has been adopted a system of record for operations, procedures, treaties, callcenters and countless other iterations throughout our client organizations, replacing expensive and outdated systems.

What Our Clients Say:

  • “Ondexx increases accuracy, productivity, results, and the bottom line and that overall, the solution has exceeded our expectations!”
  • “Since we deployed Ondexx, we have an average daily time savings of 25 – 30 minutes per employee.”
  • “Once Ondexx was implemented, was have saved at least one Full Time Equivalent, so the solution easily pays for itself.”
  • “Ondexx removes a big operational headache, freeing up valuable internal and taking away the concern of knowledge transfer.”
  • “Ondexx positively impacts the bottom line by Increasing speed, accuracy, and making our company more competitive.”
  • “Our Business has gained back control of our own content and we no longer have to rely on IT for support.”
  • “Ondexx was adopted 100% by the end of the first day without of any end-user training or support.”

Red Wolf offers affordable pricing and easy to understand model to help you get started and scalable so that the entire enterprise can adopt the application in a way that makes sense for your business. OnDexx is a highly scalable, widely available SaaS solution that can deploy in minutes. Ondexx features 100% uptime guarantees with automated failover and replicated infrastructure in multiple secure data-centers to ensure you always have access to your most critical data. It’s dedicated, reliable, and secure. Red Wolf offers services such as content migration to enable you to onboard Ondexx quickly and affordably.

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